(House Ready specification)

  1. The ground rules:
    Iron rules of the house consists of bridges on the form (I-BEAM) Size 12 × 6.4 cm designed partitions longitudinal and transverse welded together in an artistic way and distributed according to size required the building to give maximum durability of the house, and brings the house from the ground by bridges of the same size at 25 cm of the paint all substance-proof steel, the floor is made up of clips Tiobat iron 4 × 4 cm thickness of 1.2 mm and are installed on bridges Qaeda welding at distances of 25 cm and installing them panels Bleod greased black moisture-proof thickness of 18 mm and covers a floor rooms Balmucyt or vinyl on demand.
  2. Walls and ceilings:
    The walls are made of steel frame fabricated from Tiobat 4 × 4 cm thickness of 1 mm, covered from outside paneling galvanized corrugated sheets (Shinko) 0.32 mm painted thickness oven and worn from the inside insulation thickness of 4 cm Polystyrene type and installing attic wood panels Bleod 4 mm and above Panels Bleodmbus decorative thickness of 4 mm scheme, while the walls of bathrooms and kitchens it would be panels waterproof and fires a slide type (BVC) and Bishop interior is fitted Bleod polyester panels thickness of 4 mm white color, while the external ceilings are made of truss and purlins iron from Tubes size 4 × 4 cm 1.2 mm thickness and the corners of size 40 × 40 cm thickness of 3 mm installed together by welding and wear of the top panels of galvanized corrugated sheets thickness of 0.32 mm painted oven and water-resistant and prove these panels with nails Spiral especially with rubber rings to prevent water leakage and isolates the surface Breaulat wool glass thickness of 5 cm heat-resistant.
  3. Electrical Wiring:
    All electrical wiring isolated within the plastic pipes and hidden inside the walls of loneliness and starting from the panel of electrical distribution and end at the lighting units and Albriz, switches, and all of the appropriate wiring and certified used unit of power and be lighting the bishop of fluorescent dual 120 cm.
  4. Windows and air-conditioning vents:
    Use skyscraper windows made of aluminum size (90 × 100 cm) room and all the windows with mesh to prevent the entry of insects and provides rooms with openings and rules for conditioning size (50 × 70 cm) and provide bathrooms and kitchens suction fan.
  5. the doors :
    Exterior doors made of iron Tiobat candied Besaj black greased 1.2 mm thickness, insulated polystyrene material with full supplies The interior doors are wooden doors of good quality to suit internal format.
  6. Bathroom and kitchen:
    The flooring installation of vinyl and walls of resistance to water slides and humidity of the type (BVC), and tubes, indoor plumbing and installing bathrooms chair syphilis and sink and mirror and a base Troyh size 70 × 70 cm with refinery floor, while in the kitchen, we installed a tub of Alastanlstal (sink) Single Size one meter with a ground wheel and is mounted suction fan mounted on the form with the work of the refinery floor kitchen.
  • Note: (The ability to make and implement all the required specifications according to the agreement)